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ima noobie not sure if this community will be very interesting but im willing to give it a try.

zees is me.

(in the primus shirt, of course.)
i got it at a concert i went to in washington back in march. it was fantastic. primus really does own.

<3 lessssss
i want to hump his bass.

guess thats all for now.
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haa the hell wouldnt want to hump his bass lol les claypool for president hes my freakin bass guitar god (buckethead being my electric guitar god)
oh yeah i would show u a pic with me and my primus shirt but the only pic of me that i have on this computer is me on this flaming chair lol doesnt really show my face either
hey.... when the going gets tough
and the stomach acids flow
the cold wind of conformity is nipping at your nose
when some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees....come with us we'll sail the seas of cheese
very nice girl on the pic;) I wish I were at this concert with you:)
any woman with a primus shirt is hot
anytime of the day
Primus rules my face. I dont know why i love les claypool so much... but i do, forever... hm maybe because hes a freekin genius. and tim alexander bangs out some nasty beats (brains good too }. Seen les four times... about to see him for the fifth. Obsessed doesnt even describe it ......